The largest urban aquaponics farm in France at Parc Icade des Portes de Paris

Icade and Sous les Fraises have opened a 1,000 m2 aquaponic and educational farm in the heart of Parc des Portes de Paris1 that will eventually house 5,000 fish2 and more than 8,000 plants, edible flowers and herbs.

Energy and the environment

Truites en eau claire

This project, which encourages biodiversity in towns and putting nature into an urban setting, is also taking part in the development of a local food supply chain: permanent residents and employees from neighbouring offices will be able to come and pick 100% traceable fresh produce and choose their fish to cook on site.


Sous les Fraises company, which has designed and set up this farm, ensures its operation and running via its Farmhouse team.


What is aquaponics?

It is an innovative culture technique which combines breeding fish and growing plants thanks to updated nutritional solutions, without the provision of additional earth. The water and the nutritional cycle of the plants work as a closed and independent cycle: the organic materials produced by the fish provide the nutrients required for the plants to grow; the latter absorb the nutrients present in the water to then give off purified water, which allows the fish to develop.



(1) Located between Aubervilliers and Saint Denis

(2) Trout and perch with a low concentration rate

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