Launch of the Hubs France Connectée call for projects

To accelerate the consolidation of the digital facilitation offer throughout the country, Banque des Territoires and Secrétariat d'Etat au numérique are launching the Hubs France Connectée call for projects. The aim is to develop network head-ends to amplify the action of digital helpers in the territories.


La France connectée

Digital assistants form a sector made of associations, local authorities, private companies, public operators, etc. They most often serve 13 million citizens that may experience difficulties when faced with digital transformations and the digitisation of public services.

The purpose of the call for projects is to bring out new services, France Connectée Hubs, which will allow to better coordinate assistants’ activities within a given territory. The Hub strengthens the digital mediation offer by pooling rare skills such as financial engineering, training or project management.

Operational over several départements, the purpose of France Connectée Hubs is to bring together public, private and associative stakeholders, to network them and to create new digital mediation offers. These offers, created based on existing local initiatives, must match the specificities and the needs of each territory.

The launch of this call for projects falls within the Banque des Territoires’ commitment towards digital transformation. It takes part in the National Strategy for a Connected France, led by Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State attached to the Prime Minister, in charge of digital technologies, that aims to involve all territories and citizens in the digital transition.


With a total budget of €5mn, the call for projects must allow these new structures to be set up as soon as early 2019.  It will be open from 13 September 2018.
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