Making your local area environment friendly

If your local area is mindful of its environmental impact and you are committed to protecting biodiversity; you are looking for investment funds, loans or specialists for valuing your initiatives and going further in your commitments: we can assist with all your projects in favour of the ecology and energy transition.

Public institution services

Financing public energy-plus buildings and thermal renovation, clean transport and renewable energies

Would you like to finance the construction of public energy-plus buildings, the thermal renovation of public infrastructure, clean transport and renewable energies? From 2013 to 2017, €20bn worth of loans have been made available to the whole of the local public sector, including €5bn for funding projects associated with the energy transition.

Subsidiaries’ services

Supporting your environment projects

Are you heading up a project in favour of the environment? Egis has both the technical capacities and human resources for advising you about aspects pertaining to biodiversity, resources, environmental engineering, waste or pollution for example, ever committed to optimising your project's environmental, economic and societal performances.

Recovering waste

Would you like to reduce the environmental impact of your waste? Egis helps you to turn the full potential of your waste to advantage through customised management, treatment and recovery solutions in keeping with your budget. Involved throughout the waste cycle, from collection to production of raw materials or energy, our teams support you in all your projects.

Supporting your Water projects

Egis shares its 60 years of experience in the water sector with you and is completely up to speed as regards the complexity of projects bearing on urban or industrial water, flood risk and water resource management and on the design and production of large-scale hydraulic structures in France and abroad.

Setting up a dedicated energy structure

Would you like to implement an energy strategy in your local area? SCET assists you with setting up structures dedicated to managing your project.

Setting up green transport

Climate change, pollution, the energy crisis, destruction of nature spots and natural resources ... Transdev is committed to taking up these planet-wide challenges and to assisting local authorities with developing sustainable and highly effective mobility solutions that take the specific features of each local area into account.

Other service

Plan Juncker

Are you promoting a project which could potentially benefit from the Investment Plan for Europe (the “Juncker Plan”) ? The Caisse des Dépôts Group, entry point in France for this European instrument managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), can assist you under the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH).

Regional managements of Caisse des Dépôts and Bpifrance are your key contacts for this matter and remain at your disposal.”

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