Mandates and deposits

A trusted third-party, Caisse des Dépôts ensures the management of the mandates and the public and private funds which are entrusted to it.

Managing pension end solidarity funds

We manage funds in all areas of social security, including pensions, solidarity, professional transitions, employment of disabled people, compensation or prevention funds, domestic funds and public institutions.

Among these, pension schemes cover 7.5 million working people and 3.7 million pensioners – that's one in five pensioners in France. Our mandates represent 75,000 public employers: the French State, local authorities and hospital institutions.


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Securing funds

We manage the funds which are entrusted to us in complete safety: from consignments to the protection of vulnerable people’s assets, as well as deposits for lawyers and other legal professionals.
Banker to the Social security system, we deliver administrative, financial and banking management services, in the context of the mandates which are entrusted to us by the French state and we are developing a fiduciary business. A trusted third-party, we manage part of the budgets from the Programme of investments for the future on behalf of the French state.
Our main customers are the French public justice system (notaries, receivers, judicial representatives, etc.) , the French Social security system and the public interest public  players (social housing bodies, local public bodies, etc.)

Managing popular savings

We centralise, manage and transform regulated savings (livret A, LDD, LEP) in complete safety, into very long-term loans serving the public  interest, in particular social housing, urban planning and local authority long-term investments.
The resources which are not dedicated to loans are invested in financial assets in order to contribute to the remuneration of popular savings, ensuring its cash flow while funding the economy.

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