Martinique: the Territorial hub for economic cooperation Jardins du Gros Morne launched

The Territorial hub for economic cooperation Jardins du Gros Morne was officially launched on 27 April. The winner of the 2nd PTCE call for projects launched by the French State and Caisse des Dépôts awarded in September, 2015, it will highlight the agricultural and the handmade production as well as the ecotourism potential of Northern Martinique.

Territory developmentMedical-social sector and solidarity

Le site des Jardins où le PTCE sera implanté
The project aims to develop the 6 hectare site coverage owned by the town of Gros Morne to transform it into a promotional space for agricultural and craft production, as well as one of eco-touristic potential for the north of Martinique. It brings together a great diversity of partners* around the project manager, the Caid Patrimoine work integration social company, with a strong support from the town and the Urban Area of North Martinique. The project will be eventually managed by a cooperative community-oriented company (SCIC).

Caisse des Dépôts is participating in the funding of the project as the main contributor of the territorial hub for economic cooperation call for projects, via a grant of €290,000, over a provisional budget of €1.3mn over 3 years and via support participating in the management board.

The Jardins du Gros Morne project is the 1st territorial hub for economic cooperation certified in The West Indies/French Guyana.

The territorial hubs for economic cooperation are made up of a collection of stakeholders on the ground, who get together around a shared economic project to encourage local territorial development. To find out more on the territorial hubs for economic cooperation.

Les membres du comité de pilotage du PTCE Les Jardins du Gros Morne







*Companies from the social and solidarity economy (An Lacou A, Tambou Ki Ka, Amacée and Autour du Moulin associations; Caid Patrimoine, Solution AI and Verte vallée work integration social companies; Coopérative Martinique agriculture), other companies (SAS Habitation Saint Etienne, Nossin and Fabien pharmacies, traders, farmers and craftsmen) and public parters (Gros Morne municipality, the Urban Area of Pays nord Martinique, the Lycée professionnel agricole du Robert -agricultural college - and the Regional Nature Park of Martinique).

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