New Caledonia: €73mn for the works of Neobus

On 1st  March, Syndicat mixte des transports urbains du Grand Nouméa (SMTU) and Caisse des Dépôts signed a €73mn loan agreement on savings funds for partial financing of the first stage of Néobus project, the separate bus lane to connect the city center of Nouméa to the Médipôle in Dumbéa in 2019.

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C Lefèvre, G Naturel, M Zeisel et M Abadie

The total cost of the project, with a complete rethinking of the public transport of the urban area, is estimated at approximately €168mn (20bn XPF).


The future route which will link  Baie-de-la-Moselle to Médipôle will include 23 stations spread over 13.3km. It will serve the town-centre of Nouméa,  Vallée-du-Tir, Montravel, Rivière-Salée, the urban centre of Koutio, Koutio Secal, Les Erudits and Médipôle.


Following the loan designed for Médipôle, this loan dedicated to Néobus is the second most significant that Caisse des Dépôts has granted in New Caledonia.

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