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New increase in the price of forests and number of deals in 2016

On 17 May, Société Forestière, a Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary, and the National Federation of Safer*, presented Indicateur 2017 du marché des forêts en France (the 2017 Market of French Forests Indicator). The number of deals and the average price of forests are increasing, with a sharp increase of the purchases by private entities.

Territory development

Page de garde de l’Indicateur 2017 du marché des forêts en France

In 2016, the average price of forests rose by 2.1%. This increase comes amid strong demand for forest investment. Most of the territory is affected – particularly the North-Parisian area.


The transaction surface area has increased by 9.8%, with 120,000 hectares compared with 109,000 back in 2015. The total transaction value now stands at €1,444mn, which is up by a significant 23.8% from 2015. The total number of transactions (17,500) meanwhile has jumped by 9.1%. This upward trend is clear across several segments such as small 1- to 10-hectare plots, where the number, surface area and value are all continuing to climb. This buoyant activity can be put down to the search for recreational spaces or wood fuel supplies.


To gain a more detailed insight into the forestry market in 2016, download the 2017 Indicator of the forestry market in France from the Société Forestière website (in French)

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