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Novethic brings responsible investors together around European sustainable finance

On 13 December in Paris in the aftermath of the One Planet Summit, the world summit dedicated to climate action, Novethic gathered 300 institutional investors for the ESG Strategies for Responsible Investors conference. Labelled as side event of the climate summit, this annual conference was entirely dedicated to European sustainable finance.


Energy and the environmentFinance

This 10th edition was a chance to reaffirm the commitments of the Caisse des Dépôts group in the financing of the Energy transition (EET) according to Virginie Chapron du Jeu, Group Finance Director and Chairwoman of Novethic, and to shine a spotlight on the impetus given by Europe to sustainable finance. This is embodied by the Group of high level experts in sustainable finance (HLEG) formed by the European Commission in December 2016, in which two representatives from the group are participating: Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore, Chief Executive Officer of Novethic as a member and Pierre Ducret, Chairman of I4CE as an observer.


O Guersent
"The European Union can take pride in having put in place the most advanced ESG standards to date, a work which must be continued, notably via the HLEG work. The aim of this working group is converting moral virtues into a competitive advantage, for Europe" stated Olivier Guersent, Fisma Chief Executive Officer - European Commission.



V Chapron du Jeu
"The deployment of climate policies, the circulation of ESG culture and the strengthening of standards remain decisive for the future of companies. Responsible investment is therefore a major strategic subject for which you must have ambitious, rigorous and pragmatic aims" highlighted Virginie Chapron du Jeu, Finance Director of Caisse des Dépôts and Chairwoman of Novethic.




Both a media and research centre, Novethic is the expert subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts group in the responsible economy and sustainable finance. It trains the administrators, decision makers and managers from financial institutions and businesses on these issues.


O Guersent, N , V Chapron du Jeu et AC Husson-Traore


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