Urban transport network manager

Our Operations Managers organise and monitor the operation of urban or inter-urban transport networks, with a view to improving and developing activity.

Le métier de responsable exploitation d'un réseau de transport urbain
Operations Managers organise maintenance and testing of the network to guarantee the quality and safety of operational material, personnel and clients. They provide the technical and managerial framework for their teams, in general more than 100 people. They programme drivers’ shifts and bring rapid solutions to various unknown factors and emergencies found.


They carry out studies for the creation and restructuring of lines, optimise operational methods and the organisation of the network.

With a high level of education in transport/logistics, they generally have management experience within the passenger transport sector and a working knowledge of methods, programming, regulation and management.

As real managers, they enjoy working in a team and solving sometimes complex technical and human problems. They generally develop towards Operations Director positions.

Transport network operation positions within the group
Le métier de responsable d'exploitation d'un réseau de transport urbain

Production and operations, maintenance, marketing and studies, commercial development, project engineering, development of new services (inter-modality, electronic ticketing, etc.) Job areas covering assessment, management and receiving passengers: these positions are found within the Transdev and Egis groups.


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