Our priorities

Our priorities are in support of major public policy, serving growth, employment and the economic and territorial development of the country. As a long-term investor, Caisse des Dépôts has supported the development of French society during every era. Now, we are mainly working on four transitions:


We support local stakeholders, local authorities and their operators in the context of territorial reform and we participate in their development projects, which are essential to the competitiveness and appeal of our country.

  • Supporting local public investment
    • Funding structuring projects from local authorities via loans
    • Modernising public infrastructure and facilities
    • Attracting European and foreign funding for local projects.
  • Restarting home building
    • Supporting operations from social housing bodies
    • Innovating for accommodation
    • Developing the intermediary accommodation offer
  • Strengthening the appeal of territories
    • Contributing to urban renovation and territorial planning
    • Developing service sector property
    • Improving the tourism offer.
  • Stimulating growth as close as possible to the established employment areas
    • Supporting the growth of companies
    • Preparing for future competitiveness
    • Stimulating the entrepreneurial ecosystem

 We mobilise our funding capacities, our subsidiaries and our tools to accelerate the ecological and energy transition of our country.

  • Saving energy and improving the energy performance of buildings
    • In social and private housing stock
    • In public buildings and companies.
  • Diversifying the energy mix
    • Investing in renewable energy
    • Supporting green economy companies.
  • Sustainably equipping and adapting the territories
    • Supporting local authorities in terms of engineering
    • Encouraging sustainable territories
    • Developing new sustainable mobility models.
  • Encouraging and protecting natural heritage
    • Developing biodiversity preservation offers
    • Committing to research.

 We support the development of the digital economy through equipping territories with infrastructure and also by developing digital uses and services for the benefit of our customers.

  • Supporting the digital transition of territories:
    • Deploying smart technologies serving the city
    • Equipping territories with infrastructure
    • Accelerating the spread of new uses
    • Promoting e-administration for all.
  • Developing the digital economy:
    • Supporting companies from the industry
    • Designing connected housing
    • Promoting connected and multi-modal mobility.
  • Developing the digital serving trustees and customers:
    • Digital services for trustees of pension and solidarity schemes
    • Digital banking services.

We support and protect people throughout life with innovative everyday solutions, therefore strengthening social cohesion and “living together better”.

  • Financing your path through life:
    • Insuring against all possible futures
    • Managing social services and pension schemes
  • Preparing for the future:
    • Helping active young people, students and vulnerable people to get accommodation
    • Developing the Silver economy
    • Financing and building new care homes
  • Living together better:
    • Investing in “inclusive” urban planning
    • Offering accommodation suited to stage in life
    • Making independent home-living easier.
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