Our RH policy

Joining the Caisse des Dépôts Group means committing to a Group working to serve the general interest and enhance economic performance.

Our Group is made up of women and men with a whole range of different profiles and backgrounds, bringing together the skills and knowhow of public- and private-sector employees, who, with the public interest ever in mind, operate in a wide variety of activity sectors and professions fostering economic, social and environmental development, pursuing careers in the realms of finance, insurance and provision of services regionally, nationally or abroad.

Making social performance a lever for success

With a constant concern to develop its teams’ commitment and professionalism, our Group attaches equal importance to high levels of expertise and service, its employees’ quality of life, and promotion of the principles of diversity and parity, which are regarded as key to achievement of positive economic and financial performance. Our human resources policy is designed to ensure professional equality between women and men, integration of the disabled, support for young people from working-class neighbourhoods, career management on behalf of its senior staff, and plurality of recruitment.

Among other things, this is expressed by the various agreements implemented within the Group, which include the disability agreement at CNP Assurances, the enterprise agreement at Icade, the triennial plan on disability at the Public Institution, signature of the diversity charter, agreements on professional equality at Group level and in a number of its entities (Public Institution and subsidiaries) and the intergenerational agreement.

report and assessments

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the group's social barometer

In 2015, the Caisse des Dépôts Group carried out an employee satisfaction survey at Group level to gather information on close to 25,000 of its employees’ expectations and perceptions regarding the following:

  • day-to-day work conditions,
  •  professional development,
  • the enterprise’s operation and organisation,
  • its management,
  • the enterprise’s social responsibilty,
  • involvement in its strategy
  • knowledge of the Group

Almost 13,000 employees took an active part in the survey. Results led to identification of action required at Group level.


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