The PIA and Bpifrance participate in Sigfox €100mn fundraising

Fonds Ambition Numérique of the PIA, subscribed by Caisse des Dépôts and managed by Bpifrance for the State, participates in Sigfox €100mn fundraising. Bpifrance also plays a part with its Large Venture fund, beside telecommunication operators, manufacturers and financial investors.

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This fundraising will help Sigfox to considerably accelerate its international development Created in 2011, the company has successfully demonstrated the relevance of a cellular network dedicated to the Internet of Things. This new network will serve to connect billions of objects while optimising electricity consumption, as well as drastically reducing the complexity and operating costs of solutions for the Internet of Things. Initially designed to connect strongly limited objects, the Sigfox network is proving to be an efficient solution for overcoming connectivity faults of the GSM, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth types, primarily used on expensive objects.

The Programme of Investments for the future ( PIA ), driven by Commissariat Général à l’Investment, has been a company shareholder since December 2013. By reinvesting in Sigfox, the PIA is confirming its role of supporting and financing innovative economic players. With assets of €300mn, the Digital Ambition fund is dedicated to start-ups and promising SMEs in the digital domain.

Bpifrance, via its Large Venture fund, is also taking part in this fundraising and therefore joining the Sigfox capital. With €600mn, Large Venture fund invests significant amounts in innovative companies with high capital needs, in the digital, health and eco-technologies sectors.

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