The PIA, via Bpifrance, invests in AFM-Téléthon biotherapies plant

AFM-Téléthon and Fund SPI, managed by Bpifrance within the framework of the PIA, join to create the biggest European development and production plant for gene and cell therapies to provide the sick with curative therapeutic treatments mass-produced from 2019.

Research and development

The company will be mainly owned by AFM-Téléthon, with 54% of the capital upon its creation. It will have the equity required to launch its 13,000 m2 production factory and the development of innovative biotherapies. AFM-Téléthon will enhance the knowledge and intellectual property required for the business and will invest €36mn in a cash contribution. The Industrial project companies investment fund (SPI) will invest €84mn in the context of the Programme of Investments for the future (PIA).

Thanks to the exceptional mobilisation of Téléthon, AFM-Téléthon has become a major stakeholder in biomedical research into rare diseases in France and the world. It is currently supporting 37 clinical trials, ongoing and in development, concerning rare sight, blood, brain, immune system and muscle diseases. Via its Généthon laboratory, AFM-Téléthon is able to design, produce and test its own innovative therapy drugs. It aims to make the first gene and cell therapy drugs, for diseases that are currently incurable, available to as many people as possible.

The Téléthon 2015 will take place on 04 and 05 December.


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