The PIA, via Bpifrance, invests in YposKesi beside AFM-Téléthon

AFM-Téléthon and the SPI fund, managed by Bpifrance within the framework of the Program of Investments for the Future (PIA), create YposKesi*, the 1st French pharmaceutical industrial actor dedicated to the production of gene therapy and cellular therapy drugs for the rare diseases.

EnterpriseResearch and development

Laboratoire du Généthon

YposKesi seeks to make the first treatments available to patients at a fair and controlled price, in keeping with the AFM-Téléthon commitment and general interest strategy upheld by its founders.


YposKesi is majority-governed by the AFM-Téléthon and by Bpifrance via the investment fund SPI (Industrial Project Companies), managed on behalf of the State through the Programme of Investments for the Future (PIA).


The AFM-Téléthon provides expertise developed by its laboratories Généthon and CECS/I-stem, as well as production capacities already in place, and is set to invest €37.5mn by 2022. The SPI fund will invest €84mn in total.


Located in Evry (Essonne), the industrial platform brings together over 100 bio-production experts in an initial 5,000 m2 building (formerly Généthon Bioprod). It has European leadership in its sights and, to that end, in 2021 will bring together some 300 engineers, pharmacists, technicians and experts across three production buildings (13,000 m2). In this way it meets the needs of the AFM-Téléthon laboratories, as well as those of academic and industrial biotech stakeholders for clinical trials or for post-marketing distribution.




* From the Greek word Yposchesi, which means promise, commitment




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