PIA: Iform Food of Excellence Center inaugurated in Coutances

On 8 December, Iform Food of Excellence Center was inaugurated in Coutances. It is the last step of Iform modernization project, the works of rehabilitation and layout of which amounted to €5mn. 70% were financed by the Normandy Region, 20% by CMA50* and 10% by the Program of Investments for the Future (PIA) managed by Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the French State.

Education & training

Pôle d’excellence alimentaire de l’Iform à Coutances
The Food Centre of Excellence marks the second and final work package of the Iform Apprenticeship Training Centre, initiated by the CMA50, which entailed building the new boarding house and its activity centre, as well as the conversion of the old boarding house into a teaching space.




Pôle d’excellence alimentaire de l’Iform à Coutances
This Centre is unique in the region with its 1,400 m2 entirely given over to training apprentices and promoting local produce. Equipped with digital technologies, it houses technical teaching rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, a modern information/documentation/resource centre with IT equipment, a computer lab, an educational greenhouse and a joint lab. Apprentices in the bakery, pastry-making and chocolate-making professions come to train across 16 work stations in this space spanning more than 200 m2. It is associated with a 60 m2 showroom dedicated to welcoming the public for demonstrations.


Beyond its purely educational purpose, the Centre has also been designed with a view to promoting local produce (organic and Manche Terroir certified products) as part of the Manche département's certification as a Centre of Rural Excellence in terms of local supply circuits



 * Manche Chamber of Trades & Crafts


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