Rhône-Alpes: the State and the FIPHFP experiment the accessibility of public buildings

On 25 February, the Committee of the Regional Administration, made up of all the Prefects, the Department Heads, the Commissioners of Education, and the Managing Director of the ARS, met around Jean François Carenco, the Prefect of Rhône-Alpes Region, with in the agenda, the examination of the regional real estate master plan scheme and the signing of an agreement with the FIPHFP relative to the accessibility of the regional public buildings the State of which is the owner.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

Jean-Charles Watiez, the Director of the Fund for the Insertion of the Disabled in the Public Service (FIPHFP), a public body managed by Caisse des Dépôts, set out the 10 new tasks assigned to the Fund (at the Interministerial Committee on Disability of 25 September 2013) and written into the new 2014-2018 agreement on targets and management signed with the five supervisory Ministries and Caisse des Dépôts.

He also took the opportunity to review the progress of direct intervention expenditure (grants, agreements, accessibility) over the last three years, pointing to an increase of 142%, and significant progress in the employment rate, which rose from 4.22% in 2011 to 4.90% in 2014 (5.97% in the regional civil service, 5.37% in the hospital service and 3.83% in the national civil service).

The signing of this €2mn agreement on disabled access to government-owned business premises in Rhône Alpes region reflects the State's commitment to setting an example, while the presence of Patrick François, the Caisse des Dépôts Inter-Regional Director for the Central Eastern region, bears witness to the everyday work on the ground pursued by all the teams concerned to provide support to public service employers in recruiting and retaining disabled staff.

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