The Savings Account fund management

Our business is to safely transform popular savings (livret A, LDD, LEP) into very long-term loans serving the general interest.

The number one funder of social housing in France, the Savings Fund from Caisse des Dépôts funds the construction and rehabilitation of social housing and accommodation facilities for vulnerable people. It also funds investments from local authorities, such as urban renovation projects, transport infrastructure (LGV (high speed line), tramways, etc.), universities, hospitals, as well as high speed digital internet, water networks and even renovating public buildings and territorial projects which contribute to the ecological and energy transition.


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To manage the balance between short-term savings and long-term loans, the Savings Fund has a portfolio of financial assets ensuring the long-term stability of its unique transformation system, guaranteeing the safety and liquidity of the savings which are entrusted to it.

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