Shadok, the new digital factory in Strasbourg

On 9 April, the new digital factory in Strasbourg, called Shadok, was inaugurated. It received a support of about €1.5mn from the action City of tomorrow (VDD) of the Program of investments for the future (PIA) managed by Caisse des Dépôts for the State.

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During a visit to the site on 11 April, Minister of State for the Digital Sector Axelle Lemaire warmly welcomed the creation of the very new digital factory. She was accompanied by Stéphane Bouillon, the Prefect of Alsace Region and of Bas-Rhin, Roland Ries, the Mayor of Strasbourg, Robert Herrmann, the President of Strasbourg Eurometropolis, Catherine Trautmann, the Vice-President of Eurometropolis and Gil Vauquelin, the Caisse des Dépôts Alsace Regional Manager.

The project is part of the much larger programme for the Ecocentre ecocity, with another 18 projects1 receiving financial support from the PIA2.

Located in the Docks building, a former warehouse on Presqu’île Malraux that has undergone redevelopment, Shadok was chosen on the strength of particularly innovative building design in terms of use and urban function.

The new digital factory is a public facility of 2,000 m 2 designed to encourage contact and innovation among designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and users of digital technology in all its dimensions: artistic, cultural, economic and social.

It contains a café, a mobile stage, design studios for audio-visual production, artists' studios and a vast modular space to house events.

It also features two resources dedicated to testing out innovative projects, open to both professionals and the general public:

  • a co-working space known as Plage Digitale ,
  • Fablab , a resource space for rapid prototyping of physical objects using different types of CNC machines such as the 3D printer.


Ville de Demain initiative of the PIA, steered by the General Investment Commission

The PIA Ville de Demain fund, with funding of €668mn, is a continuation of the Sustainable City Plan under which the State supported local authorities in financing public and private investment in noteworthy sustainable development initiatives.

The fund, which promotes more environmentally friendly urban development, is managed by Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the State.

At the end of December 2014, close on €375mn in funding was committed.


1 including two public transport projects.

2 €14.6 million total investment as part of the City of Tomorrow (Ville de Demain) initiative, in the form of a subsidy.

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