Signing of the agreement for the revitalization of Dijon Defence site

On 13 November, Prime Minister Manuel Valls chaired the signing* of the agreement for the revitalization of Dijon Defence site (CRSD) in the context of the closure of Air Force Base 102

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Action on three fronts for the Caisse des Dépôts group:
  • sustainability of civilian airport businesses via the updating of infrastructure;
  • development of the International Gastronomy City of Dijon. This project, which will extend over 20,000m² on the site of the former general hospital, aims to be a flagship for French gastronomy throughout the world. Caisse des Dépôts will study the possibility of investing in such a project developed in this city. The total amount of the investment is €200mn;
  • development of tools dedicated to the financing of companies. The Dévemploi 21 mutual fund made up of industrial conversion funds, invested in by the French State (the Restructuring Defence Fund - FRED), will feed into the new fund of interest-free Initiative Côte d’Or Growth Loans, promoted and supported by Caisse des Dépôts with €300,000.


*The contract was signed by E Delzant, the Prefect of Bourgogne Region, the Côte-d’Or Prefect, F Rebsamen, the Mayor of Dijon and President of Greater Dijon, F Patriat, the Senator for Côte-d’Or and President of the Regional Council of Bourgogne, J Almeida, the Mayor of Longvic and President of the Joint Association of the Dijon-Burgundy airport, and the Mayors of Bretenière, Neuilly-lès-Dijon, Ouges and Sennecey-lès-Dijon.

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