SNI Group

A real-estate subsidiary of public interest 100% owned by Caisse des Dépôts, the SNI Group is a major actor in the housing and urban renewal sector.

As France’s leading lessor, it manages over 360,000 housing units of which 187 975 social units and 71,000 accommodation units under its subsidiary Adoma. In total, the Group provides accommodation for a million people across Metropolitan France.


The SNI Group is an all-round real-estate operator with a wide and varied offer providing the public sector with innovative, sustainable responses creating social diversity and cohesion. The Group has a dual objective:



  • fostering development of a social, first-level social and intermediate housing offer in the most deprived areas;
  • making it easier to find somewhere to live through a tailor-made offer and greater accessibility to ownership.
Key figures for 2015
  • 345 769 housing units managed, of which 187 975 social units
  • 11 179 housing starts of which 4063 social units and 1788 LLI
  • 10 948 housing units delivered of which 5068 social units
  • 7 573 housing units rehabilitated
  • 1.5 million individual visitors and 8 million pages viewed on
  • Over 6,900 employees
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