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Social Impact Bonds: a €100mn first closing for Hémisphère fund

The 1st fund raising of Hémisphère on 30 May, is a key stage in the development of social impact bonds. It brings together major institutional investors (France Aviva, BNP Paribas Cardif, Caisse des Dépôts, CNP Assurances, MAIF and PRO BTP) around a priority stake: the welcome and the accommodation of persons in difficulty.

Property & housing

Le fonds Hémisphère

These investors come under an innovative social impact strategy: part of their remuneration depends on reaching social aims (educating children, ensuring persons accommodated have access to social rights, being able to direct them towards permanent housing, etc.), assessed every year by an independent auditor. A loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEBD) rounds off this contribution.


As such, Hémisphère is able to finance 10,000 emergency accommodation places for the most vulnerable populations, all while offering them social support. Adoma, a subsidiary of the SNI Group and the leading stakeholder in emergency accommodation, will ensure the housing tasks and social support are achieved in the operational plan.


As of summer 2017, following the fund’s acquisition of a portfolio of more than 60 budget hotels, 6,000 places will be rolled out across the whole territory.

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