Somme: the FIPHFP committed for the disabled people’s socio-professional insertion, job retention and training

On 11 March, Amiens Métropole and the FIPHFP* (managed by Caisse des Dépôts) reiterated their commitment in favor of the disabled people’s socio-professional insertion, job retention and training by renewing their three-year agreement. An innovative agreement between the FIPHFP, the CNFPT *, Pôle Emploi (the French employment agency), CAP Emploi Somme and Centre de gestion* de la Somme was also signed so that disabled job-seekers' can be trained to be town clerks.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

M Desjardins, G Velay et A Gest © Caisse des Dépôts

With the support of the FIPHFP, the actions funded aim to :


For Amiens Métropole (overall funding of €1,933,000, including €1,097,000 provided by the FIPHFP and €836,000 by Amiens Métropole) :

  • integrate 32 beneficiaries of the employment obligation, including 18 apprentices and 5 CUI-CAE* to go from a legal employment rate of 6.17% to 7.72% by June 2018 ;
  • keep disabled officers in employment by improving their working conditions ;
  • retrain 33 officers via support and a conversion measure appropriate to their professional projects.


For the Somme Management Centre :

  • train 12 job seekers with recognised disabled worker status in the city hall secretary profession and facilitate their professional insertion into the towns affiliated in Somme.


Moreover, Amiens Métropole received from the director of the FIPHFP, the 2015 Exemplary Prize (job retention category).


* FIPHFP: Fund for the insertion of disabled people into public administration.

CNFPT: French National Centre for Territorial Public Administration. Management Centre: public body specialised in human resources for local authorities. CUI-CAE: provision of unique insertion contract (CUI) in the non-profit sector.

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