Strasbourg-Kehl: the European tramway up and running!

The extension of the Strasbourg tramway line D towards the city of Kehl in Germany was inaugurated on 27 April 27th and put into service from 28 April. The culmination of a complex mission for Egis, since 2009 with the first design development studies with Eurométropole de Strasbourg and the city of Kehl, and the fruit of the coordinated work of several teams.


Le tram D sur le pont Citadelle

2.7 km of new tracks now connect the old terminus of line D (Aristide-Briand) in Strasbourg, to the station in Kehl, the neighbouring town in Germany.


Over and above its role as the project's general manager, specific manager of the tramway system and architect and main contractor to Compagnie des transports strasbourgeois (CTS) for the German part, Egis has also assumed several other responsibilities as manager for the engineering structure crossing the Vauban basin, the Citadelle Bridge


Line D now leads directly to Port du Rhin and Kehl, connecting the Port du Rhin neighbourhood, Jardin des Deux Rives and town of Kehl in under 20 minutes from Strasbourg city centre and under 10 minutes from Neudorf with a tram every 7 minutes to Port du Rhin, every 15 to 20 minutes on weekdays and every 7 minutes on Saturday afternoons to Kehl Bahnhof. The new Kehl Bahnhof terminus is just five minutes' walk away from Hauptstrasse and all the shops in Kehl town centre.


Capture d’écran du site de la CTS – Tram D



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