Supporting medium-sized towns in the Hauts de France region

On 29 June Eric Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts, was visiting the Hauts de France region. He visited Hem, a city in Lille European metropolis, for which Caisse des Dépôts participated in the financing of projects relating to urban policy, and signed the Action Cœur de ville framework agreement with Saint-Quentin City.


Territory development
Supporting the urban planning policy in Hem

Travaux de réhabilitation à Hem
Caisse des Dépôts is supporting the town of Hem (19,000 residents) in terms of urban planning policy via engineering credits, loans and investments. As such, in 2016 it agreed a loan of €7.6mn on the savings fund for the restructuring and enlarging of the EPHAD (care home for dependent elderly) des Aulnes and a loan of €4.4mn to the community centre for social action for the renovation of the care home.




An “Action Coeur de ville” (City centre action) framework agreement for Saint-Quentin

Signature de la convention-cadre Action Cœur de ville avec Saint-Quentin

Eric Lombard and Frédérique Macarez, Mayor of Saint-Quentin, signed an “Action Coeur de ville” (City centre action) framework agreement on 29 June, which includes 5 areas:

  • Housing: recycling of several urban wastelands, property development concession for an urban site of 1.5 hectares - Boulevard du Maréchal Juin;
  • Commercial regeneration and economic development;
  • Urban redevelopment and enhancing of public spaces: old port and marina, tourism and promotion of sports health;
  • Promotion of city centre architectural heritage: Art Deco buildings, creation of an Art Deco interpretation centre within a central department store building from the 20s;
  • Accessibility and mobility via digital: new digital third spaces, smart city.


CDC Habitat recently took a stake in Maisons & Cités, the leading social landlord of Hauts-de-France and owner of real-estate of over 63,000 homes. The aims: the architectural, technical and thermal rehabilitation of 20,000 homes over 10 years and the reintegration of this industrial territory, historically linked to mining issues, into the 21st century reality and economy. Read the article




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