Technical innovation and concern for the environment: 4 awards for Icade

Icade Promotion was awarded four Pyramides d'Argent (Siver Pyramids) by Fédération des promoteurs immobiliers (Federation of Real Estate Developers) for two projects in Paris (Airtime and Le Thémis) and Toulouse (Wood'Art La Canopée and Latécoère headquarters). These buildings reflect both Icade's spirit of technical innovation and its concern for the environment.

Property & housing
Silver Pyramid for industrial innovation for Airtime

Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the structure of the building developed by Icade and designed by Marc Mimram was entirely constructed from metal above the railway lines of the Austerlitz train station, with a 58 metres long bridge: a real technical feat! Delivered to AG2R La Mondiale in December 2018, Airtime includes 15,050 sq.m. of offices over 7 floors and 1,050 sq.m. of shopping facilities on the ground floor.


Silver Pyramid for the lowest-carbon building for Le Thémis

Le Thémis
Delivered in 2018 in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, this office building was designed and completed by architect Corinne Vezzoni & Associés. Several labels, as well as the strong presence of timber in the construction, meant it merited being selected to be a part of the 10 pilot projects of the future Bâtiment Bas Carbone (BBCA, low carbon building) label. Le Thémis is a showcase for Icade in terms of sustainable development: its mixed timber-concrete structure and its controlled operation, thanks to the energy production by geothermal energy, allow it to be an example on an environmental level.


Regional Grand Prix for the Wood’Art La Canopée residence


Located in the eco-district of la Cartoucherie in Toulouse, the Wood’Art La Canopée project is comprised of 137 housing units, an Eklo hotel with 100 rooms and 2,800 sq.m. of shopping facilities, spread out over a total surface area of over 13,000 sq.m. With its innovative 76% wood construction, it has received the best labels and reached the best performance levels in terms of sustainable development2. The delivery is planned for the 4nd quarter of 2020.



Silver Pyramid for corporate real estate for the Latécoère head office

Siège de Latécoère à Toulouse
The future head office of Latécoère - a major player in the field of aerostructure and aeronautic interconnection systems - will be delivered in Toulouse during the summer of 2020. The 12,737 sq.m. office complex will be made of two buildings built around an urban park: the offices and the Maison commune (corporate cafeteria, VIP lounge, gym, etc.) will be organised into a campus.




(1) E+C-, HQE® Excellent, BREEAM Excellent, Effinergie+ and Biosourcé

(2) Thermal Level LABEL E+C- Level E3C2, LABEL Bâtiment Durable Occitania Silver Level, LABEL Biosource Level 1, LABEL BBCA

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