Technology transfer: the foundation stone of Métallicadour center laid

On 18 March on the Aéropolis site in Bordes-Assat near Pau, SCI Métallicadour, which shareholders are UIMM Adour (51%) and Caisse des Dépôts (49%), laid the foundation stone of the building which will house Métallicadour technology transfer center.



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S Tiano, C Houel, B Uthurry et JJ Lasserre
SCI Métallicadour was built in 2015 to support the building designed to house the technology transfer centre supported by Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes region,  Pyrénées Atlantiques département, the major aerospace contractors and the UIMM.

This €1.5m investment, the delivery of which is planned in September 2016, will allow the SMEs and middle-market companies of the Adour basin to have the pooled technological means and technical supports to improve their competitiveness and their industrial performance, without large-scale investment. Robots and qualified staff will be provided to companies to support them in their innovation and industrial development programme around three themes: metal machining, automation of operations and assembly by FSW*.


Caisse des Dépôts is strengthening its presence on the Aéropolis site of the Turboméca factory after the creation of a training centre for apprentices by the SCI of the Pôle Aéronautique Bordes-Assat (PABA - Bordes-Assat Aeronautical Centre) and the young workers hostel financed by the Programme of investments for the future (PIA) in terms of its work-based education action.


* Friction Stir Welding: a promising technology for assembling aluminium parts, which allows for the assembly of high resistance aluminium alloys, without using molten metal or adding materials.


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