Territory development: tailor-made actions for Corsica

On 13 and 14 November Eric Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts, was in Corsica, an opportunity to meet the clients of Banque des Territoires and to sign agreements in favor of the development of the Corsican territory.



Corsica is an unusual territory due to its insular and rural nature. The regional body of the Caisse des Dépôts’ Banque des Territoires is particularly solicited there by its clients as regards engineering: the aim being to turn the entire project into a reality. A long time-consuming period of listening - which requires daily interactions with clients- and of travelling to territories to establish a close relationship and to build to trust.

We want to work on real projects in real territories for real people

said Eric Lombard.

There are seven of us on this island, divided between the two locations in Ajaccio and Bastia. Through its proximity, responsiveness and optimism, the team perfectly represents the Banque des Territoires’ promises.

underlines Julie-Agathe Bakalowicz, regional director.


In particular, the projects supported in Corsica relate to renovating the heritage of local authorities, developing the island in keeping with energy and environmental transition, which is very important both in terms of inhabitants’ quality of life and in terms of tourism and the protection of natural heritage. Two examples:

  • the municipality of Serra-di-Scopamène, with 300 inhabitants in the Corse-du-Sud département: a €300,000 loan aided towards renovating a main building in the village, housing a post office, 6 housing units and a single-class school. One of the purposes of the operation was to install a wood-burner to supply municipal buildings with heat and hot water;
  • the village of Pigna, with 147 inhabitants in the Haute-Corse département: a €57,200 loan enabled the rehabilitation of a municipal house at the heart of the village, allowing an organic baker to settle there, and which contributes towards village life throughout the year.


Eric Lombard’s visit was an opportunity to sign six agreements with Corsican partners. Two of them were particularly focused on rural areas: the agreement signed on 13 November with Collectivité de Corse, and the one signed on 14 November with Vico and the Community of Municipalities of Spelunca-Liamone. Among others, they concern engineering loans and assistance with legal and financial expertise. Lastly, the aim is to support the attractiveness of their territories, and to provide tailor-made solutions to these local authorities.


Two other agreements relate to the Action Cœur de ville programme, for which Ajaccio and Bastia were selected. With the agreements signed in 13 and 14 November with the Cities of Ajaccio and Bastia, Banque des Territoires will provide engineering loans and legal and financial expertise.


Helping Corsica towards a sustainable development is the purpose of the agreement signed with the City of Ajaccio and ADEME on 13 November following a national call for expressions of interest (CEI) for the thermal renovation of public buildings. The agreement signed with the Community of Municipalities of the Costa Verde is focused on financing projects relating to sorted waste management and sanitation.

* Low consumption building







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