A three-year agreement between the FIPHFP and the City of Rouen

On 18 April, the City of Rouen and the Fund for the insertion of the disabled people in the public service (FIPHFP - managed by Caisse des Dépôts) signed a three-year 2016-2018 agreement which allows to mobilize a €580,000 financing, among which €423,000 brought by the FIPHFP and €157,000 by the City of Rouen.

Medical-social sector and solidarity

The previous 2011-2015 convention achieved a rate of 75% in terms of its recruitment objectives and 91% in terms of its employment retention objectives for disabled people in the civil service.

Travailleur handicapé
The commitments of the City of Rouen:
  • recruit 14 beneficiaries of the employment obligation, including 9 apprentices and 1 from the civic service to go from a legal employment rate of 6.49% to 7.58% by June 2018. This recruitment effort for disabled workers represents 8.67% of the posts to fill over the next 3 years;
  • encourage the hosting of 6 disabled interns;
  • keep 96 disabled officers in employment by improving their working conditions;
  • retrain or change the status of 15 officers who are no longer able to do their roles per year, by supporting them and offering them a conversion measure appropriate to their professional projects.

M Desjardins, Y Robert et F Mas DR Normandie
Innovative action: the development of teleworking for disabled officers who will be precursors of the measure proposed eventually to all the eligible officers from the city.


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