Tourism and leisure

The Caisse des Dépôts group is a traditional and key player in leisure and tourism in France. Our territorial anchoring allows us to be the privileged partner of local authorities and to support them in their economic development project.

Investing in tourist facilities

We support local authorities in defining projects that enhance the appeal of the territory and spur job creation.
We invest in tourist infrastructure and ensure its maintenance and operation, via, among others, the Tourism Development Fund. We manage the main French ski resorts and develop major leisure parks in Europe.
Creator of the Social Tourism Investment (TSI) fund, we ensure the renovation of accommodation and leisure facilities. Furthermore, with the Participatory Loan for Hotel Renovation (PPRH), we are contributing to the renovation of the tourist property portfolio.


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Encouraging holidays for all

We offer solutions for everyone, allowing as many as possible to go on holiday and enjoy quality infrastructure and services all over the territory.
Stakeholder in a real public policy of tourist development, we work serving the general interest and play a socially cohesive role.

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