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31 October 2019
Housing: CDC Habitat and Enedis committed to the energy transition
The energy transition in favour of social housing: this is at the heart of the partnership signed on 29 October between CDC Habitat and Enedis. France's leading landlord and the public service company involved in the energy transition have decided to take concrete action together in favour of social housing in particular.
31 October 2019
Bpifrance: 28 companies committed to green growth
On 22 October, Bpifrance and Ademe launched the first promotion of the Energy Transition Accelerator. 28 companies in this sector will benefit from a 2-year personalized support to boost their development and face the challenges of tomorrow. The objective: boosting the structuration of the French sector.
29 October 2019
Supporting, lending and investing in French Guiana and the West Indies
While travelling in French Guiana and the West Indies in mid-October, Eric Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts, reasserted the Group's support for these territories. A support achieved by the signing of new agreements in favour of development and the fight against social inequalities and territorial divide.
28 October 2019
Success: an inaugural bond issue for Icade Santé
Icade Santé, a 56.8%-owned subsidiary of Icade, has successfully completed its first €500mn bond issue maturing in 2029 at a fixed rate of 0.875%. This benchmark operation will enable Icade Santé to fund its expansion plan, which has set the goal of investing €1nn in France by 2022.
25 October 2019
Healthcare real estate: Icade carries its international diversification in Italy on
Icade has just made a new investment in Italy, with the acquisition of seven nursing homes. This transaction is part of Icade's ongoing international diversification of its investments in healthcare real estate.
25 October 2019
Transdev drives its trams from Canada to Avignon!
The Mobilinx consortium, of which Transdev is a member, has won a contract worth €3.15bn for the Hurontario tramway project in the Toronto area (Canada). Mobilinx will design, build, finance, operate and maintain it for 30 years.
25 October 2019
Climate and ESG: Novethic looked into 72 institutional investors’ reports
Novethic issued its 3rd analysis on the climate and ESG 1 reports - known as the 173 reports - of the major French institutional investors. The main finding: while the most committed investors are becoming more sophisticated in their strategy each year, the gap is widening with the wait-and-see investors.
24 October 2019
Banque des Territoires still working alongside Foncière Habitat Humanisme
On 15 October, Foncière Habitat Humanisme (FHH) and Banque des Territoires renewed the three-year agreement that had bound them since 2016. Banque des Territoires thus supports an actor that works, on a national scale, to buy, build and renovate housing for destituted people.
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