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25 March 2020
Bpifrance: the state-guaranteed loan, a cash airlift to companies
On 24 March, all the professional networks of the FBF 1 banks launched with Bpifrance a new mechanism enabling the State to guarantee €300bn in loans for companies affected by the crisis due to Covid-19. On 24 March, Bpifrance published an attributable net profit of €1,004mn.
23 March 2020
Covid-19: evaluate your symptoms and be directed via a website developed with Docaposte
Docaposte, a subsidiary of La Poste Group, is contributing its digital expertise to the development of website. Developed to help reduce the pressure on the 15 emergency phone number and emergency services, it allows users to carry out a free self-assessment of their symptoms and benefit from appropriate recommendations for guidance.
23 March 2020
Covid-19: Towards a suspension of rents for VSEs and SMEs
On 21 March, the main federations of commercial lessors and Caisse des Dépôts called on their members to withhold rents for VSEs and SMEs closed down due to the Covid-19 epidemic. They will offer them repayment schedules without penalties adapted to their situation once business has resumed.
20 March 2020
Coronavirus: Banque des Territoires takes exceptional measures
As of 20 March, Banque des Territoires is setting an emergency plan for its clients to anticipate the economic difficulties caused by the current health crisis. It is already implementing three exceptional measures aimed at the legal professions and social housing organisations.
19 March 2020
Continuity of pension payments and information to members
Caisse des Dépôts' Pensions and Solidarity Department ensures the continuity of payments and online services to members and employers of CNRACL, Ircantec, RAFP, FSPOEIE, Retraite des Mines and Retraite Banque de France.
16 March 2020
Coronavirus: Bpifrance sets new emergency measures for companies
In order to alleviate the cash flow difficulties of companies the activity of which is impacted by the Coronavirus epidemic, Bpifrance is setting new measures aimed at VSEs, SMEs and ETIs. They can get information via toll-free number 0 969 370 240 and the Bpifrance website .
13 March 2020
Bpifrance offers solutions to support deeptech start-ups
As an official partner of the Deeptech Week, Bpifrance published the conclusions of its White Paper on investing in deeptech, and is proposing, alongside BCG and Hello Tomorrow, recommendations to encourage the creation of French champions. It is also an opportunity to assess its Deeptech Plan for the first time.
10 March 2020
Bpifrance: exceptional measures for companies impacted by Coronavirus
To help companies overcome the economic difficulties linked to the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), Bpifrance is activating a support plan for impacted VSEs and SMEs. They can find out directly about these exceptional measures via this toll-free number: 0 969 370 240.
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