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31 October 2019
Bpifrance: 28 companies committed to green growth
On 22 October, Bpifrance and Ademe launched the first promotion of the Energy Transition Accelerator. 28 companies in this sector will benefit from a 2-year personalized support to boost their development and face the challenges of tomorrow. The objective: boosting the structuration of the French sector.
20 September 2019
Investing in the growth of technology SMEs
Supporting the growth of French companies in the technology sector so that they become world-class champions: this is the objective of the €100mn investment fund launched by Caisse des Dépôts, the new Euronext Tech Croissance index, and the €1bnn mobilisation over 3 years by Bpifrance.
17 June 2019
Bpifrance will mobilize €2bn per year by 2023 in support of EET
On 13 June, at its event organised about the challenges of the energy and ecological transition (EET), Bpifrance announced its intention to intensify its commitment towards EET by mobilising €2bn per year by 2023 as part of its new 2018-2023 strategic plan. €2.8bn have already been mobilised in 2018.
06 June 2019
Investments for the future: encouraging technology transfer to companies with Bpifrance
It is time to take stock of the Innovative Biotherapies and Rare Diseases Fund created in 2013. With €50mn from the AFM-Téléthon (60%) and from Fonds national d'amorçage (40%), managed by Bpifrance as part of the Investments for the future programme (PIA), it has already funded 7 deeptech companies for a total amount invested of €30mn.
14 May 2019
New support from Bpifrance and the EIF for innovative and start-up companies
On 13 May, Bpifrance and the European Investment Fund (EIF), a subsidiary of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group, signed a 4th financial guarantee agreement between the two institutions: the EIF will guarantee 50% of the new loans granted by Bpifrance to innovative companies and start-ups, i.e. €300mn for a total amount of loans of up to €600mn.
02 April 2019
Bpifrance's 2018 results: a strong performance in a difficult market environment
With a net profit of €1,035mn, Bpifrance recorded a strong financial performance in 2018, despite a difficult environment on the financial markets and in a context of low interest rates. This result reflects the good commercial and operational performance of all Bpifrance's businesses, and its rigorous control of costs and risks.
07 March 2019
Territoires d’industrie: Banque des Territoires mobilized in favour of reindustrialization
On 5 March in Lyon, on the occasion of the 1st General Assembly of =Territoires d’industrie (Industrial Territories), Banque des Territoires signed with the French State the agreement which describes how it will support the industrial development of the French territories by 2022. This agreement is part of the Territoires d’industrie programme launched by the Prime Minister on 22 November 2018.
08 February 2019
Bpifrance supports and finances all entrepreneurs in all regions
Facilitating entrepreneurship for all in the regions: this is the objective of Bpifrance Création, a new scheme launched by Bpifrance during the Salon des entrepreneurs event held in Paris on 6 and 7 February. This is an opportunity to review the latest news from this subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, which is dedicated to supporting and financing companies.
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