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31 December 2018
Inauguration of Ease 1st cleanroom production training plant
On 10 December the first cleanroom production training school Ease (European aseptic and sterile environment), located in Illkirch-Graffenstaden near Strasbourg, was inaugurated. This project, led by the University of Strasbourg*, was financed by the Work-linked Training component of Programme d'investissements d'avenir (PIA) via Banque des Territoires.
17 October 2018
A call for projects for the integration of refugees through employment
To contribute to the professional integration of refugees, Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labour and Jean-Marie Marx, High Commissioner for Skills and Inclusion through Employment (HCCIE), launched a new dedicated call for projects on 1 October. Caisse des Dépôts part, via Banque des Territoires, is that of manager on behalf of the French government.
02 July 2018
Investing in the future with Bpifrance: launch of PSL Innovation Fund
On 29 June Fonds national d'amorçage 2, managed by Bpifrance on behalf of the French State within the framework of the Programme of investments for the future (French acronym: PIA), participated in the launch, by Université Paris sciences et lettres (PSL) and Elaia Partners, of PSL Innovation Fund, a seed fund with a target size of €75mn dedicated to deep tech start-ups.
09 April 2018
Investments for the future: launch of the call for projects Territorial schemes for educational guidance towards graduate education
The €250mn call for projects "Dispositifs territoriaux pour l'orientation vers les études supérieures" (Territorial schemes for graduate education studies), managed by Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the State, was launched on 6 April as part of the 3rd Programme of Investments for the Future (French acronym: PIA 3).
16 February 2018
Saint-Affrique: inauguration of a student residence at the Emata centre
On 2 February in Saint-Affrique the inauguration of a residence for students from The Village, the school of animation and ambiance techniques (Emata), took place. The project benefits from a €900,000 financing under the Programme of Investments for the Future (Frenc acronym: PIA) and a €1.347mn social rental loan from savings funds out of a total amount of €2.687mn.
29 December 2016
PIA: Iform Food of Excellence Center inaugurated in Coutances
On 8 December, Iform Food of Excellence Center was inaugurated in Coutances. It is the last step of Iform modernization project, the works of rehabilitation and layout of which amounted to €5mn. 70% were financed by the Normandy Region, 20% by CMA50* and 10% by the Program of Investments for the Future (PIA) managed by Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the French State.
24 November 2016
Inauguration of Alter&Toit junior residence in Haguenau
The Alter&Toit junior residence was inaugurated on 18 November in Thurot ecodistrict in Haguenau in Alsace. This residence includes 104 housing units intended for the apprentices and for the trainees, among which 94 studios financed by the Program of investments for the future (PIA) and by loans on savings funds from Caisse des Dépôts.
03 November 2016
A young workers residence in La Ferté-Macé in Normandy
On 27 October, the foundation stone of a new young workers residence was laid in La Ferté-Macé (Orne). The project was made possible thanks to a €480,000 subsidy from the Program of Investments for the future (PIA), €680,000 from the Normandy Region and to a €640,000 loan from Caisse des Dépôts on savings funds granted to Communauté de communes de la Ferté-Saint-Michel .
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