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09 January 2015
Life sciences: Bpifrance supports Sight Again and Cellectis
Bpifrance, as an operator of the PIA, allocates €18.5mn to Sight Againt collaborative project developed by GenSight Biologics, Pixium Vision and Voir et Entendre foundation, whereas Cellectis, the main shareholder of which is Bpifrance, announces its coming IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.
18 February 2015
Bpifrance supports three biotech projects within the framework of the PIA
Bpifrance supports, within the framework of the Program of investments for the future (PIA), three projects in the field of biotechnology: Hecam (cancer research), AAVLife (gene therapy) and Algolife (nutrition & health).
18 February 2015
The PIA and Bpifrance participate in Sigfox €100mn fundraising
Fonds Ambition Numérique of the PIA, subscribed by Caisse des Dépôts and managed by Bpifrance for the State, participates in Sigfox €100mn fundraising. Bpifrance also plays a part with its Large Venture fund, beside telecommunication operators, manufacturers and financial investors.
04 February 2015
Cap Innov'Est: €36mn for the innovative companies in Alsace, Burgundy and Franche-Comté
The first projects chosen within the framework of Cap Innov'Est new interregional seed fund were presented on 4 February 4th in the presence of the partners, the financers, the managers and the leaders of BioNext, Inoviem Scientific and Medical DTA companies, the first beneficiaries of this new financial tool.
01 April 2014
A company and 2 innovative projects supported by Bpifrance within the framework of the PIA
Bpifrance is supporting a company and two innovative projects within the framework of the Program of investments for the future (PIA): Augure, within the framework of its €15mn fund raising, Vue-Flex and S2P via a financing of €5mn and €3mn respectively.
17 April 2015
PIA: the 1st investment of French Tech Accélération Fund and a part in Drivy fundraising
Financed by the PIA, French Tech Accélération Fund made its 1st investment in the digital start-up accelerator Axeleo, whereas Ecotechnologies Fund invests in Drivy company, being its 8th investment.
17 April 2015
Caisse des Dépôts is building innovation with Inori
On 10 April in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (88), Julien Taris, the Caisse des Dépôts Lorraine Regional Manager, David Valence, the Mayor of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Christophe Choserot, the Lorraine Region Deputy Chairman delegated to Higher Education and Research, Jean-Yves Le Déaut, the Deputy of Meurthe-et-Moselle, François Vannson, the Chairman of Vosges Departmental Council, Christian Pierret, the Chairman of the Board of GIP Insic and Claude Barlier, the Chairman of Inori SAS, inaugurated the headquarters of Inori innovation platform, from now on settled in a mixed property (workshops and offices) of 1,000m².
06 May 2015
Two innovative projects financed by the PIA via Bpifrance: Dry to Fly and Proleval
Bpifrance, the managing operator of the Structuring Research and Development Projects for Competitiveness (PSPC) of the PIA, finance two projects at the forefront of innovation: Dry to Fly (3D manufacturing) for €5mn, and Proleval (oilseed chain), for €8mn.
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