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18 October 2018
Review of the Caisse des Dépôts group's participation at the 79th USH Congress
The 79th edition of the USH Congress about Tomorrow’s HLM enabled Banque des Territoires to reaffirm its support for its social landlord clients and its willingness to support them in their transformation and in their investment efforts in construction and rehabilitation, via its Housing Plan, and with the expertise of Scet and CDC Habitat.
10 April 2018
SostraData: 1st investment in a Data centre in New Aquitaine
On 28 March Caisse des Dépôts became a 45% shareholder in SostraData, which will build a Data centre in Saint-Maurice-la-Souterraine (Creuse) on La Croisière business park. This is Caisse des Dépôts' first investment in data centers.
04 July 2017
Scet pursues its development with Aatiko Conseils and Citadia
Scet pursues its external growth strategy becoming on 28 June a majority shareholder of Citadia group, one of the major companies in town and land use planning, and on 3 July of Aatiko Conseils, specialized in the strategy and management of social housing bodies.
29 September 2016
RéseauScet, a community of expertise in the service of the local bodies
Scet, a consulting and engineering company and a Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary, supports local authorities and their satellites in their search for innovative and effective solutions. During the 77th USH Congress, it presented RéseauScet, a social network dedicated to the local development players.
01 April 2016
The smart city: a strategic project for the Caisse des Dépôts group
A long-standing player of cities, the Caisse des Dépôts group intends to become the key partner of smart cities. The public body and its subsidiaries are developing their know-how in this field. The smart city builds on digital technology and innovation to meet the urban challenges sustainably.
25 January 2016
Clermont-Ferrand: more than €1mn in the service of a renewed and sustainable territory
On 21 January in Clermont-Ferrand, Caisse des Dépôts set up two pivotal partnerships to support the economic development of Clermont-Ferrand territory concerning the issues of territorial solidarity, social cohesion and environmental responsibility: a draft agreement with Clermont Communauté for €300,000 and an “intracting” agreement with Université Blaise Pascal for €845,000.
04 November 2015
Scet, 60 years for local development!
On 3 November, Scet*, a Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary and a partner recognised by the public and private players in the territorial action and economy, celebrated its 60th anniversary with the issue: “Mixed economy, innovation and territory”.
21 January 2015
Stéphane Keïta proposed as Chairman and CEO of Scet
Pierre-René Lemas, CEO of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, will propose to the Board of Directors of Scet, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, Stéphane Keïta's appointment as Chairman and CEO.
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