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30 December 2019
CDC Habitat at the service of the degraded condominium of Grigny 2
On 17 December CDC Habitat signed its first agreement for project management assistance to a degraded condominium in Grigny (Essonne) in an emergency situation. Located in the Grigny 2 neighborhood, the condominium is one of 14 national places identified as priorities under the national Condominium Initiative plan.
19 December 2019
A new step for the Olympics and Paralympics Village
On 18 December the agreement to sell for sector D of the Olympics and Paralympics Village in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine was signed between Solideo and Caisse des Dépôts, Icade Promotion and CDC Habitat consortium. A opportunity to know more about the work schedule.
26 November 2019
Housing: Aulnay-sous-Bois and Grand Paris Habitat renew their partnership
On 25 November Aulnay-sous-Bois and Grand Paris Habitat, the leading group of Paris Region landlords of which CDC Habitat is a founding member, signed a new partnership agreement to build more affordable housing units and support the long-term recovery of run-down condominiums.
12 November 2019
CDC Habitat and Semiv: housing units to revitalize Vichy's city centre
On 6 November, CDC Habitat announced its acquisition of a 40% stake in the capital of Société d'économie mixte immobilière de Vichy (Semiv). This new partnership will enable Semiv to invest €70mn to increase the supply of social housing units in Vichy and revitalise its city centre by 2030.
31 October 2019
Housing: CDC Habitat and Enedis committed to the energy transition
The energy transition in favour of social housing: this is at the heart of the partnership signed on 29 October between CDC Habitat and Enedis. France's leading landlord and the public service company involved in the energy transition have decided to take concrete action together in favour of social housing in particular.
07 October 2019
CDC Habitat: against substandard housing with Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence
CDC Habitat, France's leading landlord, will spend more than €13mn to buy back and renovate 250 degraded homes identified by Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence. Both partners are committed to supporting the inhabitants of these homes, who suffer from substandard living conditions.
07 October 2019
A record €1.25bn fundraising for intermediate housing
* With an investment capacity of more than €2bn after leverage. The 2nd Intermediate Housing Fund (French acronym FLI 2), initiated by Ampère Gestion, a subsidiary of CDC Habitat, has just raised a record €1.25bn amount. It targets a portfolio of 11,000 housing units*, including 8,000 intermediate and 2,000 spaces in student or senior residences.
01 October 2019
CDC Habitat even more present in La Réunion Island
To develop and renovate the social housing stock of La Semader, a semi-public company that houses more than 20,000 people in La Réunion Island, CDC Habitat has become a reference shareholder (40%) through a capital increase. At the end of 2020, through a new capital increase, it will become the majority shareholder.
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