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03 April 2018
Icade Santé: 1st investment in EHPADs
On 29 March Icade Santé announced its first investment in Etablissements d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes (EHPAD): the acquisition of 14 health centers for dependent elderly worth €189mn from Réseau Residalya, a subsidiary of the Ackermans & van Haaren group. Residalya is also the operator of these EHPADs.
22 January 2016
Icade: the foundation stone of the new Polyclinic Reims-Bezannes laid
The foundation stone of the new Polyclinic Reims-Bezannes was laid on 21 January. The delivery of the HQE certified medical-surgery-obstetrics polyclinic of 30,000 m² with a 396 bed capacity, is planned for 2018 1st quarter. This major operation is led by Icade Santé.
30 November 2015
Icade: an ambitious three-year growth plan
On 30 November, Icade presented its three-year five-track strategic plan: finding an exit solution for the Services business, a better profitability of the Property development activities, the optimization of the Business Parks portfolio, the improvement of the Offices’ profitability and the reinforcement of the leadership of the Healthcare business.
03 November 2015
Icade Santé buys 16 private hospitals for €606mn
On 30 October, Icade Santé, a 56.5% subsidiary of Icade, and of major institutional investors, bought a real-estate portfolio of 16 MCO (medicine, surgery, obstetrics) private hospitals representing an investment of €606mn.
30 September 2015
Libourne: foundation stone of the most important hospital construction site in France
The laying of the foundation stone of the new Libourne hospital took place on 24 September. This project is supported by the Caisse des Dépôts Group in project management (Icade), direct financing (a €72.6mn loan on savings funds) and the co-financing facilitation (a €72.6mn loan from the European Investment Bank within the framework of the Caisse des Dépôts-EIB partnership).
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