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02 July 2018
Investing in the future with Bpifrance: launch of PSL Innovation Fund
On 29 June Fonds national d'amorçage 2, managed by Bpifrance on behalf of the French State within the framework of the Programme of investments for the future (French acronym: PIA), participated in the launch, by Université Paris sciences et lettres (PSL) and Elaia Partners, of PSL Innovation Fund, a seed fund with a target size of €75mn dedicated to deep tech start-ups.
04 November 2016
The PIA, via Bpifrance, invests in YposKesi beside AFM-Téléthon
AFM-Téléthon and the SPI fund, managed by Bpifrance within the framework of the Program of Investments for the Future (PIA), create YposKesi*, the 1st French pharmaceutical industrial actor dedicated to the production of gene therapy and cellular therapy drugs for the rare diseases.
18 July 2016
Gene therapy: Bpifrance participates in the initial public offering of Gensight
Bpifrance invests €14.5mn in Gensight Biologics on the occasion of its initial public offering on Euronext Paris (1), which allows the company to finance its development on the market of the orphan hereditary illnesses of the retina and of the central nervous system.
12 July 2016
Care of diabetes: the PIA supports the Mellidem project via Bpifrance
The Mellidem project, which aims at developing a French network of excellence in the field of the medical devices to manage diabetes, is granted €11mn within the framework of the Program of investments for the future (PIA) via Bpifrance.
23 November 2015
Bpifrance invested €33mn in the exceptional fundraising of Parrot
The €299mn raised will allow Parrot , a French group listed since 2006 on Euronext Paris which has over 900 employees over the world, to significantly accelerate its development and to consolidate its leadership on the general public and professional drones markets*. Bpifrance is involved via the...
10 November 2015
The PIA, via Bpifrance, invests in Netatmo, a specialist of connected objects
On 5 November, Netatmo, a French company and a specialist of connected objects, announced a €30mn fund raising made in particular with Fonds ambition numérique, managed by Bpifrance within the framework of the Program of investments for the future (PIA).
05 November 2015
Icade launches its House of Start-Ups
On 4 November, Icade inaugurated The House of Start-ups, a 800m2 place completely dedicated to innovation and to the start-up companies (services, practices, connectivity) within 107 building in Parc des Portes de Paris. The purpose: anticipating and adapting Icade real estate supply to the great challenges of society and to the irruption of the digital technology.
19 October 2015
The PIA finances the seed-stage and the acceleration of innovative companies via Bpifrance
The PIA participates in a new seed fund of €30.5mn dedicated to the innovative companies in Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine, Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardy, Fira nord-est, and invests in the acceleration fund Breega Capital Venture One, respectively via the FNA and French Tech Accélération, managed by Bpifrance.
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