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10 September 2019
Ideathon: imagining innovative services for public employers
On 10 September, Caisse des Dépôts' pensions and solidarity department brought together 30 public employers in Paris to imagine, via a marathon of ideas, or ideathon, a series of innovative services on employment, career, health and safety at work issues.
25 February 2019
CNP Assurances 2018 result: 6.4% more
On 21 February, CNP Assurances announced an attributable net profit of €1,367mn, up 6.4%, and a 6% increase in the dividend to €0.89 per share. Its premium income, slightly up (+0.7%)*, reached €32.4bn, reflecting very strong business momentum in Europe and Latin America.
12 November 2018
All you need to know about Caisse des Dépôts 2018 Retirement Forum!
Caisse des Dépôts 2018 Retirement Forum was held on 15 October. Find the proceedings of the Forum on the theme Which public pensions for which universal regime, but also the videos of the main interventions that took place.
07 August 2018
CNP Assurances: cardiac defibrillators in local authority territories
CNP Assurances Foundation is launching a new call for projects dedicated to local authorities committed to implanting cardiac defibrillators on their territories and training the population in their use.
11 June 2018
CNP Assurances launches Youse, a new rental solution
A wholly-owned subsidiary of CNP Assurances , Youse offers a rental guarantee solution that is totally new to the real estate market: all tenants can now obtain a guarantor with a response in less than 24 hours. Youse relies on the solidity of France’s leading personal insurer and guarantees the owners’ peace of mind.
25 May 2018
Employee savings: Humanis, CNP Assurances and AG2R La Mondiale consolidate their partnership
Inter Expansion-Fongepar, the Humanis group's employee savings company, in which CNP Assurances is a shareholder, and Prado Epargne, AG2R La Mondiale's employee savings management company, are combining their expertise and resources to create the benchmark player from the joint and mutualist world.
18 April 2018
Partnership with the Supplementary Pension Fund for Civil Aviation Personnel
On 27 March, Caisse de retraite complémentaire du personnel navigant de l'aviation civile (French acronym: CRPN - Supplementary Pension Fund for Civil Aviation Personnel) and Caisse des Dépôts signed a partnership agreement to carry out an exploratory study on the modernization of the CRPN's information system.
13 March 2018
CNP Assurances attributable net profit up 7.0%
Consolidated premium income for 2017 totals €32.1bn, up 1.9% (up 0.7% like-for-like). Attributable net profit is €1,285 million, up 7.0% (up 5.6% like-for-like). EBIT amounts to €2,889 million, up 9.5% (up 7.2% like-for-like).
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