Tramway: success for Egis, in Saint-Etienne and Nice

On 28 June, the first infrastructure works for the extension of the third line of the Saint-Etienne tramway were launched, and on 30 June the first section of the new Nice tramway lines was inaugurated and put into service. Both a success for Egis!

Line 3 of the Saint-Etienne tramway: launch of the works!

Lancement des travaux d’infrastructures du prolongement de la 3ème ligne du tramway de Saint-Etienne

The initial infrastructure works for the extension of the 3rd line of the Saint-Etienne tramway were launched on 28 June. Egis was appointed in 2015, within a group formed with Atelier Villes et Paysages and Atelier des Vergers, for this project's management, which will be implemented at the end of 2019. Preliminary studies to the trials, the Egis mission concerns the coordination of network deviations and the redevelopment of roads and tramway infrastructure.

This 4.5km extension will ensure the connection between the Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux station, the Soleil neighbourhood, the Zénith, the Technopôle industrial estate and the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. The line will include 8 stops including 6 new ones and will eventually reduce the current tram journey time between Châteaucreux and La Terrasse by 26%.

The new Nice tramway, full of technological innovations

Inauguration du tronçon Cadam-Magnan de la ligne 2 du tramway de Nice

The Département Administrative Centre (Cadam)-Magnan section of line 2 of the Nice tramway was inaugurated and put into operation on 30 June.


Over 11.3km and 20 stops, the line follows the west-east route of the city along the coast, with two branches to the west:


  • A 1.7km northern branch towards the Plaine du Var, from Saint-Augustin to Nikaïa and to Cadam;
  • A 1.9km southern branch towards the two terminals of the airport from Saint-Augustin.


The line continues over a common 7.7km section, from the future multi-modal hub of Saint-Augustin to the west towards the eastern neighbourhoods, then in the city centre underground (4 stops) up to the port of Nice. The first section put into operation on 30 June includes 11 stops, from the start of the line at the Cadam stop to the Magnan stop. Special care was taken over its insertion into the city. 2,500 trees will have been planted and 60% of the line will be a green way.


For the overground parts, the two tram lines will be completely without overhead lines, thanks to an innovative static recharging system via the ground coupled to super-capacitors with rapid recharging from on-board batteries via the ground in just 20 seconds at each stop.


Egis, authorised representative of the Essia association, project manager for lines 2 and 3 of the Nice tramway, is in charge of the design from studies all the way to the full commissioning of the two lines at the end of 2019. The Essia grouping has been managing the project with the Nice Côte d’Azur metropolitan area since the start of the project in 2010.

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