Transdev designs and implements effective personalised solutions to responsible mobility, with economic performance and the public interest as its top priorities.

A Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary, Transdev provides the widest range of modes of transport on the market – 13 in all, involving some 43,000 vehicles.



In the field of ecological and energy transition, Transdev tests out, experiments with and advises local government bodies on the most advanced technologies, including alternative fuels, renewal of thermal power plants, and hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Always open to testing out new solutions, the Group is well equipped to identify those that are the most effective and best adapted to the particularities of each region.

Key figures for 2015
  • 83,000 employees
  • Active in 19 countries
  • €6.6 billion in turnover
  • 13 modes of transport
  • 3. 5 billion travellers transported
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