A Urban Logistics Hotel for the Port of Lyon

On 9 July, the foundation stone of the Urban Logistics Hotel (French acronym: HLU) was laid in Port Edouard Herriot in Lyon. Banque des Territoires, alongside Lyon Parc Auto, Poste Immo and SERL, is part of the consortium that won the call for projects launched by Compagnie nationale du Rhône (CNR) for the construction of the HLU.

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Le futur Hôtel de logistique urbaine du Port de Lyon
The consortium will invest €39.8mn for this one-storey property complex, which will mainly house Lyon Parc Auto and La Poste's subsidiaries (Urbi, Chronopost, DPD). Shared services will be offered: repair workshop, car parks, car-sharing fleet. A network of urban logistics spaces will complete the delivery system to the city centre. 





JL Da Passano, L Pelaez, B Belle et JL Boudol
The HLU's ambition is to offer in the very short term 50% of clean vehicles leaving the port to ensure deliveries in the city, and 100% after 2 years. A solution for river mobility could be studied in the long term. Tenant companies will benefit from the implementation of the Quai des énergies from the beginning of 2020, with the provision of charging stations for electrical energy, green hydrogen and biogas.


The CNR presented to the press and institutions the outlines of 3 recent and ongoing projects at the Port of Lyon: the future HLU, the Quai des énergies and the new container terminal gantry. Read the press kit (in French)


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