La Banque des Territoires investit dans l’éolien avec CNR

La Banque des Territoires et CNR ont signé un accord de partenariat sur 10 ans afin de détenir ensemble plus de 500 MW de nouveaux projets éoliens. Ils détiennent déjà une société portant 90 MW d’actifs éoliens* dont CNR sera l’acteur industriel. L’objectif : augmenter le portefeuille commun de 400 MW sous 5 ans.

Ecologie et énergie

Le parc éolien d’Oursel-Maison
This partnership could be extended to new projects already identified and expected to come within the next 10 years.



I am very pleased with this major partnership in wind energy with CNR, which is fully in line with Banque des Territoires' desire to support renewable energy developers by giving them the means to achieve their development ambitions, with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of renewable energy projects in the egions.

Emmanuel Legrand, Director of the Energy and Ecological Transition Department of Banque des Territoires


This new partnership in wind energy follows CNR's acquisition of Vol-V ER developer at the end of 2019 and the merger between CNR and Banque des Territoires, CNR's 33.2% long-lasting shareholder, via an initial partnership for three photovoltaic farms signed at the end of 2019.


To support agriculture versus climate change, CNR is leading a 3-year research project at the Lyon-Dardilly-Ecully agricultural college, which combines agronomic crops in the open field and in nurseries with a system of solar panels. The aim: demonstrating that the microclimate generated by the mobile panels deployed above the crops helps to protect them, increase productivity, while using less water and meeting the essential needs of plants.


* Already in operation or under construction


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