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Business development, the future of your pensions, housing, infrastructure, local development, town policy, university modernisation, renewable energy, protecting popular savings, security of deposits by the legal professions: your daily life is our field of action...

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Governance 21 January 2015

Marc Abadie appointed Caisse des Dépôts’ Director of the Network and of Local Development

Pierre-René Lemas, CEO of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, appointed Marc Abadie as Caisse des Dépôts’ Director of the Network and of Local Development.

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Governance 21 January 2015

Stéphane Keïta proposed as Chairman and CEO of Scet

Pierre-René Lemas, CEO of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, will propose to the Board of Directors of Scet, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, Stéphane Keïta's appointment as Chairman and CEO.

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Investments for the future 21 January 2015

ESS: 8 projects in favor of short circuits, of circular economy and of insertion

The results of the sectorial call for projects launched by the end of December 2013 within the framework of the PIA action Financing of the ESS, which targeted short circuits, circular economy and the insertion of the people unemployed, were announced on 20 January.

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Financing companies 20 January 2015

Teads, Compin and Biomedical Gecko: 3 companies supported by Bpifrance

Bpifrance participates in the capital increases of companies Teads (a video advertising platform) and Compin (a manufacturer of railroad and bus seats) to boost their international development, and supports Biomedical Gecko in the development of innovative products.

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Housing 14 January 2015

SNI group pursuing its social housing recovery plan and creating Grand Paris Habitat

The SNI group, the 1st landlord in France, will significantly increase its production of social housing units during the five next years. To focus its energy on the Ile-de-France region in particular, it has just created Grand Paris Habitat.

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Real estate 14 January 2015

Icade: a very active 2014 year-end

For Icade, 2014 year-end was marked by a very intense activity in the asset and commercial fields, that will allow to benefit from the current market conditions with a view to optimizing its earnings and its dividend for 2014.

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Flagship projects

Greater Paris

Caisse des Dépôts will mobilize €4bn of loans on savings funds for Greater Paris, €1bn in 2014

Vocational training

The management of the information system of Compte personnel de formation was entrusted to Caisse des Dépôts by the Law of 5 March 2014 on vocational training, employment and social democracy.

Revitalizing the market of life annuity

Caisse des Dépôts engaged in thinking on a project of mutualized life annuity to restore the purchasing power to the retired people owning property.

PIA logo

Program of investments for the future (PIA)

The actions managed by Caisse des Dépôts in the framework of the PIA.

Photomontage - Projects

Local authorities: €20bn of loans on savings funds

Caisse des Dépôts sets up over 5 years a €20bn budget of loans in favor of local authorities via long-term loans on savings funds.

Results of the Caisse des Dépôts Group for 2014 first half

Caisse des Dépôts Group’s attributable net profit came in at €1,010mn for 2014 first half, increasing by 6% compared with 2013 first half.

Results of the Group for 2013

Caisse des Dépôts posted attributable net profit of €2.137bn in 2013, compared with an attributable net loss of €454bn loss in 2012. This figure include three non-recurring items.


Public Investment Bank (BPI)

Bpifrance has from now on a €21bn capital. Bpifrance is now held 50% by the French State via Epic* BPI-Group and 50% by Caisse des Dépôts.

Paris Numérique

Digital districts

On 28 June 2013, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Caisse des Dépôts CEO, delivered to the Prime Minister the report of the mission promoting digital districts. The Government made it public.

Fight against illitteracy

Fight against illitteracy

Caisse des Dépôts is pleased to announce that the fight against illiteracy obtained the great national cause label for year 2013.

JP Jouyet presenting 2012 Group Results (c) Caisse des Dépôts - JM Pettina

2012 Group Results

In spite of a dull economic environment, the recurring profit of the Caisse des Dépôts Group is high, at €1.55bn, showing its solidity and the resistance of its economic model.

Long Term Investors’ Club

Long Term Investors’ Club

The Long Term Investors’ Club (LTIC) welcame its 17th Member: the North-American pension fund TIAA-CREF.

Results of the Group for 2012 first half

Caisse des Dépôts Group’s attributable net profit came in at €349mn for 2012 first half, the consolidated equity capital amounting so to €20.5bn, excluding latent amounts.

Sustainable development

Club Climat Agriculture launched launched on 14 December. A center of research and exchange of views to develop the potential of agriculture in the fight against climate change.


A new bridge, the Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge, is born in Bordeaux. Egis leads the grouping in charge of the design and the project manager of this raising bridge.

Regions: contacts and news

Compte personnel de formation

Compte personnel de formation

Le site internet du compte personnel de formation est ouvert

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Rapport RSE 2013

RSE 2013

Rapport de responsabilité sociétale 2013

Développement durable

Bilan des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de la Caisse des Dépots

Bilan des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de la Caisse des Dépots

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