Institut CDC pour la Recherche


Institut CDC pour la Recherche is a Caisse des Dépôts programme, within the Strategy Department, which aims to support research work in the strategic intervention areas of the Caisse des Dépôts group.


Institut CDC pour la Recherche therefore contributes to new work, in conjunction with the operational questioning of the Group, whether it is regarding missions from the public institution or the activities of its subsidiaries. It is involved in a cross-cutting way, based on the research between different professions. It also helps to showcase findings through contributions to public debates. Lastly, it provides food for internal strategic thought based on new trends identified in the research sector.

In conjunction with the main strategic priorities of the Group (energy transition, housing, infrastructure),  Institut CDC pour la recherche is involved in the following thematic areas :

  • Financial economy: issues for long-term investors ;
  • Housing, property markets ;
  • Energy transition ;
  • Economic development of territories, territorial governance ;
  • Ageing, demographic transition, pensions ;
  • Sustainable cities; infrastructure ;
  • The social and solidarity economy…

For all these themes, Institut CDC pour la Recherche supports projects undertaken by research teams, implemented in the context of dedicated agreements with laboratories, over one or more years. These projects are often subject to funding partnerships with the internal operational departments or with operational departments of external institutions, on issues in the common interest.

In the context of its thematic priorities,  Institut CDC pour la Recherche also provides ad-hoc support to the organisation of external symposiums and publication assistance. Beyond the desire to promote new lines of thinking on the themes of Caisse des Dépôts,  Institut CDC pour la Recherche is, at the same time, developing a large promotional phase of the work supported. Various events are organised:

  • Public presentations of research findings ;
  • The organisation of conferences, seminars and symposiums; participation in external symposiums ;
  • Circulation and publications.

These diverse events are all opportunities for discussion and aim to contribute to closer working between researchers and stakeholders from the business world. Via all of these activities,  Institut CDC pour la Recherche now runs a large network of researchers, experts, institutional workers and even operatives, who wish to work together on prospective issues.

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