Infrastructure and transport

We are involved in the design, funding and operation of French infrastructure and public amenities. Our solutions combine innovation, economic performance and a notion of the public interest.

Financing infrastructure

We invest in future infrastructure: high speed rail lines, tram networks, ports, motorways, airports, telecoms networks, water and waste management systems and energy transportation networks.

We support local projects by offering local authorities and local public sector companies (EPL) our expertise in legal arrangements and innovative financers, combining public and private equity.

We mobilise our partners to direct European and international funds into national projects.

We support the local authorities in digitally equipping our territories by providing engineering and our finance, especially for the deployment of new very high speed internet networks (THD).


Find out about our services for:
Sustainably equipping territories

We support the local players in creating and managing their projects, especially in terms of renewable energy production and storage.
We advise local authorities on their construction and renovation operations for public buildings, but also on their investments in digital infrastructure.

We design the outlines of the cities of the future and we improve the quality of “collective living” by participating in innovative programmes.

Our solutions therefore allow for the development of different local digital ecosystems: deployment of telecentres, implementation of digital company incubators ( Halle Freyssinet) and the intensification of our actions as regards higher education.

Modernising infrastructure and public amenities

Our solutions allow the local players to implement their sustainable mobility policies, combining public and private transport.
Our offers combine the best of digital and encourage alternative environmentally-friendly transport, as well as the emergence of innovative services.

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