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All information on Caisse des Dépôts’ bond issuances and debt securities.


Our issuance programs

Caisse des Dépôts has access to the short, medium and long-term markets through dedicated programmes.

The issuances from Caisse des Dépôts have the following qualities:


  • 0% rick weighting for bank capital adequacy purpose (Bâle III) 
  •  Liquidity Coverage Ratio confirmed at level 1 
  • Eligible for the Asset Purchasing Expanded Programme from the European Central Bank

The Global Commercial Paper programme with a ceiling of 30 billion euros

  • Euros Commercial Paper (ECP): Multicurrency English law programme from 1 year to 1 year less 1 day. Fixed rate issuances.
  • US Commercial Paper (USCP): American law programme in dollars for 1 day to 397 days. Fixed rate issuances or floating ones against SOFR USD .

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The «Negotiable European Commercial Paper » program (NEU CP) of 20 billion euros

  • Multicurrency French law programme, from 1 day to 1 year,
  • Fixed rate or floating rate issuances

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The EMTN programme of  25 billion euros for public or private issuances

  • Private placement over a very wide range of currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, HKD, AUD, NOK, CZK, etc.
  • Public "benchmark" in USD, GBP, CHF, JPY and EUR
  • The capital is guaranteed for the investor.



Année Mois d'émission primaire Nom Type de taux Taux Nominal Devise Maturité Code ISIN
2024 janvier TF 1,554%  150M  CHF 16/01/2026 FR001400N897
2024 janvier TF 4,00%  300M GBP 17/01/2029 FR001400N7L0
2024 janvier TF Callable 3,60%  50M EUR 25/01/2036 FR001400NHQ3
2024 janvier TF 4,25% 1000M USD 31/01/2027 FR001400NJA3
2024 Avril TV ESTR + 41 bp 15M EUR 30/04/2036 FR001400PTR1
2024 Mai TF 3,00% 1000M EUR 25/05/2029 FR001400PU76



Year Month of primary issuance Name Rate type Rate Notional amount Currency Maturity ISIN code
2023 January EMTN EUR TF 2,80% 16/01/2026 FR001400F2O5 S360T1 TF 2,800%  100M  EUR 16/01/2026 FR001400F2O5
2023 January TF 3,100%  15M  EUR 12/01/2033 FR001400F3K1
2023 January TF 3,161%  75M  EUR 12/01/2033 FR0127695544
2023 January TF 4,250%  1Md  USD 20/01/2026 FR001400F638
2023 January TF 3,095%  10M  EUR 19/01/2038 FR001400F901
2023 January TF Callable 3,620%  10M  EUR 19/01/2038 FR001400F919
2023 January TF Callable 3,220%  15M  EUR 20/01/2033 FR001400FA56
2023 February TF Callable 3,230%  29M  EUR 01/02/2033 FR001400FE94
2023 February TV Euribor6M+42  25M  EUR 01/02/2043 FR001400FG01
2023 January TF 1,740%  30M  CHF 27/01/2053 FR001400FH26
2023 February TF 1,750%  100M  CHF 24/02/2031 CH1249151049
2023 February TF 5,090%  50M  AUD 14/02/2038 FR001400FTM3
2023 February TF Callable 3,530%  13M  EUR 21/02/2035 FR001400FTT8
2023 February TF 3,125%  1Md  EUR 25/05/2033 FR001400FTZ5
2023 February TF 1,183%  114M  EUR 25/05/2031 FR0013164530
2023 April EMTN EUR TF 2,66% 17/04/2026 FR001400HDM3  S373T1 TF 2,660%  100M  EUR 17/04/2026 FR001400HDM3
2023 May TV SOFR + 34 bp  600M  USD 03/05/2026 FR001400HOV1
2023 May TF 4,500%  325M  GBP 26/08/2025 FR001400I3H4
2023 May TF 3,000%  500M  EUR 25/05/2028 FR001400I3M4
2023 August TF Callable 3,450%  10M  EUR 08/08/2033 FR001400K5F9
2023 September TF Callable 4,10% 50M EUR 21/09/2038 FR001400KO79
2023 Octobre EMTN EUR TF 4,4% 10/10/2043 FR001400L9W5 S379T1 TF Callable 4,40% 10M EUR 10/10/2043 FR001400L9W5
2023 Octobre TF 3,38% 500M EUR 25/11/2030 FR001400LFC1
2023 Décembre TF 5,49% 50M AUD 15/12/2038 FR001400MMU7

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Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds

Caisse des Dépôts has been a regular issuer on the ESG funding market since 2017.

Our vocation is to accompany the structuring of the sustainable finance market and as such to promote its best practices.

Our commitment is to maintain a regular presence on the ESG market by issuing 1 billion euros in Green, Social or Sustainability Bond benchmark per year. Find in this section all the documents dedicated to Caisse des Dépôts' Sustainability Bonds since 2017:

  • Frameworks and Second Party Opinions
  • Annual allocation and impact reports
  • Auditor’s report
  • Investor presentations for Sustainability Bonds

In order to meet our commitments, and finance projects with environmental and social benefits, we have created a Sustainable Bond Framework, under which we can issue Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds.

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All our frameworks have been certified by Second Party Opinions, delivered by Vigeo Eiris until 2019, and then by Moody’s in 2022 and 2023.

Caisse des Dépôts is committed on a given frequent and qualitative reportings in line with the highest requirements of international standards and will provide investors annually and until bond maturity :

  • reports on the allocated proceeds to the eligible assets ;
  • relevant impact metrics, as well as the methodology and assumptions used to calculate these metrics.


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Caisse des Dépôts publishes an exhaustive and nominative list of financed projects. For each eligible category, the number of projects, the average share of Caisse des Dépôts financing, the invested amounts as well as the refinancing and co-financing shares is detailed in a table. 

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Latest Financial statements and Ratings

Caisse des Dépôts, french public financial institution, is a state agency.

Two laws grant it's highly protective status.

Caisse des Dépôts benefits from the same rating as the French state.

  • Immunity to liquidation and bankruptcy (French law of 25 January 1985 - art L 631-2 and L 640-2 of the French commercial code) 
  • Solvency protection: French Law 80-539 of 16 July 1980.


Our videos and investor presentations

A presentation updated every month, describing the missions and key elements of Caisse des Dépôts, as well as its financial and extra-financial profile as part of its activity as a bond issuer.

  • Legal status and governance
  • CDC Group activities
  • Focus on the issuer: Central Sector of CDC
  • Funding strategy
  • Activities on behalf of the French State

What is the purpose of Caisse des Dépôts group ?

Funding Programme

Our sustainability commitents and issuances


Our investor and ESG libraries

In our investor library, find the history of our issuance programs, our issuances’ Final Terms as well as our annual accounts and analysis.

Investor library


In our ESG library, find all our reports, policies, guidelines and other documents regarding Caisse des Dépôts' commitments in terms of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

ESG library


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Long-term financing

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