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Our Group has close to 120, 000 employees in all, almost 6,500 of whom work for the Public Institution. Nearly 9,155 new employees were recruited to the Group’s various entities in 2015.


In order to carry out our missions successfully, we require employees with varied degrees of qualification depending on the entities involved. At the same time, with a view to improving our economic and social performances, we foster professional integration and equality.

Enrolment and scheduling of Caisse des Dépôts competitive examinations (french)


Becoming a private-law employee in the Group

Recruitment of private-law employees at Caisse des Dépôts Public Institution

Caisse des Dépôts’ Public Institution employees mostly come from the State Civil Service. Exceptionally, the Public Institution may recruit private-law employees in specific activity areas listed in the legal texts governing Caisse des Dépôts’ operations. Job categories likely to be occupied via permanent-contract recruitment arising from a collective agreement consist of managerial positions in the following functions and professions:

  • Actuary,
  • Financial analyst,
  • IT project development assistant,
  • IT auditor,
  • Sales executive for banking and depositary activities,
  • Specialised accountant,
  • Financial controller,
  • Tax specialist,
  • Asset manager,
  • HR manager under collective agreement,
  • Specialised legal expert,
  • Financial engineering specialist,
  • Specialist in communication,
Recruitment of private-law employees by Caisse des Dépôts Group subsidiaries

The Caisse des Dépôts Group’s subsidiaries are focused on competitive private-sector activities. All vacant positions of whatever kind are open to private-law employees.

In 2014, the Group recruited 2,665 new employees. If you are interested in joining us, you can view our latest job offers and apply on Mobilidées, our recruitment space.

The employment support contract (CUI-CAE)

The employment support contract (CUI-CAE) is a subsidised private-law contract (in the non-market sector) intended for people experiencing difficulties finding a job. It has a minimum duration of 6 months. Subject to specific contract clauses, the salary is equivalent to the hourly minimum wage. We undertake to dispense the training provided for in the contract throughout its duration.

For further information, you should go to your local Pôle Emploi or Cap Emploi job centre and talk over possibilities with your job counsellor.

Becoming a civil servant at Caisse des Dépôts Public Institution

Caisse des Dépôts Public Institution employees are governed by the Civil Service’s common-law system. Access to jobs is therefore by competitive examination or, if you are already a civil servant in a State or other government public body, via various career mobility systems within the Civil Service.

External competitive examinations and recruitment

Competitive examinations lead to jobs in activity sectors grouped into categories (A, B and C) depending on levels of qualification required and the corresponding positions’ levels of responsibility. “External” examinations are open to anybody fulfilling the required conditions (level of qualification in particular), while “internal” exams are open to civil servants with a measure of seniority who wish to pursue their careers at a higher level.

Depending on activity sector and the specialities within each sector, competitive examinations are:

  • Either held at interministerial level, with integration into an Ecole d’Application (a post-graduate institute such as the ENA or a Regional Institute of Administration) for managerial positions, in which case Caisse des Dépôts has a number of positions available, to be chosen by successful candidates in accordance with their ranking,
  • Or held directly by Caisse des Dépôts to meet its own needs; for category C jobs requiring no particular prior qualification, direct selection methods without examination may be applied.



Access via mobility

Depending on your professional activity area or affiliation in another civil service department or public authority, it may be possible to obtain a transfer to Caisse des Dépôts. As a general rule, this is done in the form of a temporary posting followed by permanent integration. You can submit your candidacy after consulting the list of vacant positions disseminated at the Interministerial Public Employment Exchange (BIEP).

Hosting and integrating young people

Hosting students

Provision of assistance to students during their studies evidences our readiness to assist in the training of young people through skills transfer and smooth integration into the world of work. Besides our commitment to helping the younger generation earn qualifications, our policy also aims to create a talent pool as a source of future recruitment to our Group.

View our placement, apprentice contract and career-development contract * offers on our dedicated space

*Please note that the Public Institution does not offer career-development contracts

Assisting unqualified young people

Le dispositif Pacte (Parcours d’accès aux carrières de la fonction publique territoriale, hospitalière et de l’Etat), a été introduit par l’ordonnance n° 2005-901 du 2 août 2005. Il constitue une voie de recrutement contractuelle dans les corps de la catégorie C et vise l’accès à l’emploi des jeunes par une formation qualifiante. Le recrutement par voie de Pacte ne relève pas d’une obligation légale mais d’une politique volontariste de l’Etablissement public de la Caisse des Dépôts pour promouvoir l’égalité des chances, la diversité et la lutte contre l’exclusion. L’Etablissement public s’est ainsi engagé à recruter des jeunes sur des emplois de catégorie C par la voie du Pacte, sur la période triennale de l’Accord-cadre 2015-2017.

Ce dispositif s’adresse aux jeunes de 16 à 25 ans révolus non titulaires du baccalauréat et peu ou pas diplômés Les candidats sélectionnés ont vocation à être titularisés, à l’issue de leur contrat Pacte, après un parcours de formation en alternance d’un ou deux ans et une vérification d’aptitude professionnelle devant une commission de titularisation.

 Providing job opportunities for the disabled

The Public Institution and Group subsidiaries are actively committed to a disability policy ensuring that disabled people can apply for jobs with them and that any consequent additions to their workspace are made.

With regard to the Caisse des Dépôts Public Institution and access to jobs in the public sector, common-law exemption from competitive examinations is applied in compliance with the legislation in force. Any disabled person may be selected upon recruitment interview and become a civil servant after a year in operational practice, with refitting of his/her workstation if required. Decisions are made by an in-house jury which assesses candidates’ professional aptitude on the basis of an interview and the opinion of their supervisor during their 1st year. Caisse des Dépôts then undertakes to ensure such employees the same training and mobility/promotion opportunities enjoyed by all its staff.

For full information, contact, Mission handicap de la Caisse des Dépôts

 Professional examinations

Civil servants’ careers develop within the context the Civil Service’s regulatory framework, in particular as regards status upgrading and promotions.

To advance in your chosen career, you can sit for professional examinations (giving access to higher grades within your activity field) and in-house examinations giving access to higher-echelon fields of activity and positions of greater responsibility.

To enrol in such exams, you must fulfil the requisite seniority and/or grade conditions as defined in the statutes governing your present activity field. Caisse des Dépôts’ Examination Department lists such conditions on the memos issued prior to each professional exam. Memos may also be viewed on this website whenever a professional exam is scheduled to take place.

In line with the Examination Department’s provisional schedule, you can opt for the following exams and monitor your enrolment’s state of advancement.

Consult the provisional schedule (french)


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