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To bring our vision to life, we focus on five core activities.

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Banque des Territoires

Launched in 2018, Banque des Territoires provides support to actors who want to develop regions.

As a unique port of call for clients, Banque des Territoires offers bespoke consulting and finance solutions in the form of loans and investment. These respond to the needs of local authorities, social housing organizations, local public companies and the legal professions.

Banque des Territoires is available everywhere, from rural regions to large cities, with the aim of fighting social inequality and regional divisions. With its two subsidiaries, CDC Habitat and SCET, it offers a complete range of engineering and project development services.

In under two years, Banque des Territoires has developed four major plans: the Housing Plan, the Cœur de ville Programme, the Industrial Regions Plan and the Large Investment Plan (PIA).


The Directorate for Pensions and Solidarity

As a major actor for social cohesion, the Directorate for Pensions and Solidarity supports French people throughout their lives.

Mandated by the State, local authorities and hospitals, it manages 65 pension and solidarity funds and plans.

With regard to pensions, the funds under management cover nearly 7.5 million assets and 3.9 million pensioners, or in other words, one in five pensioners in France.

With regard to social protection, it offers reliable and innovative solutions. It has launched the Mon compte formation app and the Mon Parcours Handicap platform for people with disabilities. It also offers solutions to tackle the challenges of an ageing population.



With regard to financing and developing companies, Bpifrance, a public investment bank, is a subsidiary that is equally owned by Caisse des Dépôts and the State.

As an entity in its own right within Caisse des Dépôts, it fights against the entrenchment of regional inequalities by offering ongoing financing (loans, guarantees, equity investments, consulting and support) to companies throughout their development both in France and internationally.  

As a trusted partner for companies, it has supported 306,000 enterprises since its creation.


Asset mangement Department

As a leading contributor to our Group’s results, the Asset management department oversees the entirety of our financial investments (bonds, shares, investments in unlisted companies, property, forests). We are France’s leading public sector asset manager and its fourth largest institutional investor.

What makes us stand out: we plan for the long term, we have a hands-on management style, we invest in France and Europe and we commit to investing responsibly with all types of assets.


Management of strategic holdings

As a long-term investor, we provide ongoing support to our subsidiaries whose financial results are in line with our public interest missions.

We develop our shareholder policy according to three criteria: our asset interests, the long‑term interests of the companies as well as those of their clients and employees, and the public interest.





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