A shining example within Europe and across the world

The Caisse des Dépôts Group maintains an institutional presence both in Europe and abroad.

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In Europe

Caisse des Dépôts actively promotes long-term investment at European level and, as a long-term public investor, it is a key player in implementing European policies in France. 



We actively promote long-term investment in Brussels, thanks to our involvement in the European Long-Term Investors Association, our contribution to the work of the European Parliament (link to intergroup website) and our team in Brussels.

We use European funding to benefit all regions, act as the intermediary for major European investment plans in France (Plan Juncker, InvestEU, European Green Deal) and make European funds available to project leaders (European Interconnection Mechanism, Marguerite Fund for infrastructures...)

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Across the world

Across the world, the Caisse des Dépôts Group promotes its long-term investment model and manages institutional relationships outside of France.  



We do this by forging partnerships with other Caisses de Dépôt, particularly in Africa, with whom we share our experience through technical cooperation programmes. We also support countries that wish to acquire these tools and we facilitate the exchange of best practices by participating in the World Caisses de Dépôt Forum which brings together 13 Caisses from around the world.

We support the international activities carried out by the Group’s subsidiaries, particularly through STOA, the investment vehicle which was created with the French Development Agency (AFD) in order to invest in sustainable infrastructure projects in Africa.

We also support the internationalization of French regions and communities through a two pronged approach to develop their decentralized cooperation projects. This enables communities in the South to receive support and showcases their regional expertise abroad.




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