1st winners of the call for projects for the integration of refugees through employment

Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires Formation

On 28 January Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labour, and Jean-Marie Marx, High Commissioner for Skills and Inclusion through Employment, announced the first 18 winners of the call for projects for the professional integration of refugees launched in October 2018 and managed by Banque des Territoires on behalf of the Ministry of Labour.

After studying applications, Banque des Territoires and the General Delegation for Employment and Professional Training (délégation générale à l’emploi et à la formation professionnelle, DGEFP) selected 18 winners from all over France. The amount of the Plan for Investment in Skills (Plan d’investissement dans les compétences, PIC) committed under this first wave totalled around €17mn for a total expected envelope of €35mn.

For the most part, they form consortia with other local structures committed to carrying out their project. Among other things, they provide for the deployment of specific assistance schemes, the creation of platforms for recruitment or access to training; these are for example:

  • the association Passerelles for its départemental services platform for Refugee Integration project;
  • INSUP for the RéAGIR (Réseau d’Accompagnement Global et Individualisé des Réfugiés, or General and Personalised Assistance Network for Refugees) project;
  • Entraide Pierre Valdo for the AGIR (Accompagnement Global pour l’Insertion Professionnelle des Réfugiés, or General Assistance for the Professional Integration of Refugees) project;
  • DEFIS Emplois du Pays de Brest for the Accompagnement socio-professionnel (Socio-professional accompaniment) project.

These 18 projects cover a large portion of the territory and their deployments will be monitored by the Banque des Territoires’ regional network.

Discover the 18 selected projects (in French)

Reminder of the call for projects to promote the professional integration of refugees: with an overall envelope of €35mn, this call for projects falls within the Programme to invest in skills (Plan d’investissement dans les compétences, PIC) of the Grand Plan d’Investissement. It is divided into 2 and possible 3 waves of selection. Its aim is to encourage commitment or the multiplication of in-field experiences promoting the professional integration of refugees.